What do we offer?

What do we offer - Startup Web Training

Our solution is Hands On (the keyboard) Training. We will ‘teach’ you how to set up and manage your website (the parts that you need to know how to manage) so that your website is an asset for your business.

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How to Customise your 404 Error Page?

Error 404 Featured Banner

This blogpost outlines how to create a 404 error page that is customised to your business – that can include links to key pages on your site and a contact form plus much more. The instructions require you to download

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Using FTP client with WordPress (intro)

FTP Blog Banner

I have asked Ger, my technical WordPress Guru, to write an introductory post to FTP, or File Transfer Protocol. This was prompted by a message which pops up when I installed WP Super Cache (a highly recommended plugin to speed

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Configuring Contact Form 7 WordPress

Contact Form 7 is a superb plugin that I highly recommend during my Two Day Build your Website using WordPress programme. It is a great way to introduce the concepts of Plugins and Shortcodes. This post will provide instructions on

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Instructions to set up ‘Pay with a Tweet’ in WordPress

Quick Hack 7 Pay with a Tweet

This post outlines summary instructions to set up Pay with a Tweet – a cool WordPress plugin that facilitates you to request that a visitor to your site posts a standard tweet in order to download a document (pdf). There

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How to embed an individual tweet in a WordPress blog or post?

If you are wondering how you can embed an individual tweet in a WordPress page, post or widget – this article is for you. There are several elements to get right in integrating your Social media within WordPress. These include:

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How to add animated Gif to WordPress website?

Quick Hack 5 Animated Gif

Wondering how to create an animated GIF to enhance the Wow factor of your content. This is a short blogpost which presents an example of a simple animated GIF and explains step by step how it was created. I have

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What colour is that on my website?

Quick Hack 4 Colour Picker

  This is a short blogpost which answers the question in the title: What colour is that on my website? by explaining how to add a tool referred to a browser extension to Firefox and Chrome which idenitifies the RGB

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Custom CSS for WordPress – A quick introduction

Custom CSS for WordPress

Welcome to the 3rd article in the series of Quick Hacks for WordPress. Post two addressed HTML and referred to CSS which stands for Cascading Style Sheets. This article will now provide a brief introduction to CSS in order to

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Common uses of Html for WordPress

The wonderful thing about WordPress is that you don’t need to learn HTML to create a website. But sometimes a little HTML can be useful. This article will outline some very simple html hacks that I regularly use when formatting

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Page IDs in WordPress – to find quickly using Firefox and Chrome

Every page and post in WordPress has an ID number. This post provides instructions on how to find your Page or Post IDs in both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers. Use of Post or Page ID The ID

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