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Phlox Theme Instructions Part 2 Configuring the Blog

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This is the second of two articles with video based instructions outlining how elements of this example website has been created using the Phlox Theme. The first article with Video 1 explained how the navigation menu was added and this one will focus on how the blog was configured using 3 short video.

Adding Blogposts

A few blogposts were created with Featured Images added in this second video. Video 2 also shows how a Gallery is created to be added to one of the blog article.

adding Blogposts with Featured Images

Configuring the Blog

The Phlox Theme has a lot of configurable settings under >>>APPEARANCE >>> CUSTOMISE. The best approach is to see what every single setting and option does and decide if that is something you want to do. For instance, i really like the Slider effect but you may not feel it suits your website. So if you add Featured Images to all your posts, Phlox gives the option to place them in a slider with a link to the relevant blog posts. Specific posts or articles can be excluded using the Post ID.

Phlox offers a range of Features and Customisations

Video 3 shows how to configure the blog. It looks at the settings under Customise that influence how the blog page and each blog article are displayed.

I had to split the video into two parts as WordPress media files have to be under 32MB in size.

cobfiguring the Blog in Phlox

Hope you find this blogpost interesting and useful in outlining the steps followed.

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WordPress Glossary and Terms

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