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WordPress and Online Marketing Tutor

One to one Support

I specialise in group training – generally provided to Business Networks such as the Local Enterprise Offices. I also work on a one to one basis with businesses who want to upskill on WordPress, Social Media and other areas of Digital Marketing.


Generally, a business has secured a domain, hosting and selected a theme for the site, added some content and got stuck, ran out of time or ideas, and feel that the site could be improved. My job is to work with the promoter or an assigned member of staff who is looking after the website and social media to provide knowledge and practical guidance on how they can leverage the current website design (i.e. avoid an expensive redesign) to serve the goals of the business.


I suppose the key difference that I bring to the table is an ability and desire to look at the entire business and the role that the website plays in the overall marketing of the business – bringing an understanding of how to implement the principles of inbound marketing. I will undertake a mini audit of the site in advance of developing a customised training programme. In terms of schedule, to date clients have found that several sessions of a few hours spread over a few weeks is better than two or three full days.


Website Design Services

Please note that I am not a web designer and do not offer conventional web design services i.e. where a business will approach an expert to design a web site with specific functionality and populate it with content. This is for two reasons: firstly, my business is very busy and developing such websites takes time which I do not have available. Such projects require a multi-disciplinary team who specialise in this area. Secondly, and more importantly, I believe that there is a market for, and requirement among small business, one to one training on WordPress. My key motivation is to provide sufficient tailored instruction so that someone within the business has the skills and confidence to maintain their website and keep it up to date over the longer term. There is no need necessarily for a technical (expensive) web developer to be involved in providing training on the website that they have developed for you – they can concentrate on support, maintenance and further development as necessary.


I network (and work) with Web Designers and can if required recommend professionals to approach if you require professional web design services. I would also suggest that I can provide independent guidance as you work with a web designer on the website brief. This post outlines what is required of a professional website for your business. The key strategic issue is knowing what you want you website to do for your business:

– Promotional Site (brochure type) that is easy to navigate

– Blog as platform for Social Media

– Information Portal (membership site)

– eCommerce functionality


The choices made at the very early stages of the website design stage are going to be critical to the success of the website and will dictate what is required in terms of training going forward to leverage the full potential of the site.

My business and marketing background allows me to provide a unique insight into online marketing strategy and implementation. Please check out this Slider featuring the website of WordPress Training Participants.  Feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss your project.