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What services are offered at Startup Web Training by Donncha Hughes, Business Advisor?

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Donncha Hughes

Sole Trader/ Proprietor
Donncha Hughes is a mentor, trainer and business advisor. I deliver group and one to one training on Wordpress. My background is assisting business with development of marketing, business plans, grant and finance applications. See for more...

This article outlines the range of services offered by Donncha Hughes since 2013 with this website Startup Web Training. The solution is WordPress focused services for startups and small business who need a website for marketing of their business.

Hands on Training

Our solution is Hands On (the keyboard) Training. Our promise is practice focused ‘teaching’ so that your business can set up and manage a website using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) so that your website is an asset for your business. Our main customer is Galway LEO. We deliver a 3 day WordPress course for their clients on two occasions a year. We would recommend that you book onto their course.

For private clients,  we can deliver group or one to one training. We can start from the very beginning with URL domain and hosting purchase through to publishing a site. Alternativley, you may decide to work with a web designer to design your site and we can provide the training to you and other staff on how to use the CMS afterwards.

We don’t offer customized web design or development – as a Training provider our customers want to learn how to do it for themselves so that the long run costs are minimized.

So we offer training support to ensure that your website meets your needs. We think that our website is nice – we use it to showcase the range of functionality offered by WordPress which is a super platform for web design and content management (as outlined in this video which also features on our home page)

Our blog puts our philosophy on the importance of learning how to do it for yourself into practice. We hope that you enjoy and benefit from the articles. We particularly welcome and appreciate and will respond to comments.



WordPress Glossary and Terms

Check out upcoming Training Dates delivered by Donncha Hughes for LEO Galway – SEO and Creating a Business Website using WordPress – book direct via LEO Galway.