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What is Google Authorship?

Google Authorship Donncha Hughes

When you write a blogpost, and Google presents it in a list of results following a search, your Google+ image will appear in the results if Google Authorship is activate. People are then more likely to click on the result and visit your WordPress blogpost. Google Authorship helps with SEO (see this article for more on the issue of rankings).… Read More »What is Google Authorship?

How to add photo or image slideshow to your GIBO website?

Picasa Web Albums LogoThis blogpost will outline how to add (embed) a slideshow of images or photos stored in your Picasa Web album to your website. The post will detail how I added a slideshow to this post in WordPress and also the steps followed to add the same slideshow to a sample website that I created as part of the Getting Irish Business Online (GIBO) initiative using the Blacknight Solutions Content Management System which is known as the Blacknight Sitebuilder. BTW, similar principles and general instructions apply when embedding other media such as YouTube, interactive Google Maps and Slideshare presentations. Read More »How to add photo or image slideshow to your GIBO website?