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Email Contact Form for Donncha Hughes, Startup Web Training

Please use this contact form to tell me about your training requirements – would be delighted to engage with you to answer any questions even at a very early stage in your decision process – happy to deliver Group training or work as One to One tutor

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    p.s you can always give me a ring on my mobile for a chat! Click on the Whatsapp image to text or call me on Whatsapp

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    I was looking for a Testimonial Slider to display testimonials on the home page within Elementor. 

    I decided to try out a very interesting plugin called EASY TESTIMONIAL SLIDER as it also offered a form to submit testimonials. 

    If you have completed my training with LEO Galway please feel free to submit some feedback. When I approve it the testimonial will appear in the slider above.

    BTW, the plugin works by inserting a shortcode.