This blogpost explains how to create Menu items called TABs for your facebook page. All visitors will firstly see your Facebook timeline but some people will want specific information that is not included in your About Page such as: maps, timetables, …

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I recently added a Tab to the Bridgewater Management Facebook page for the Bridgewater Management Blog. It is a cool application from NetworkedBlogs. It creates a TAB in Facebook for your blog. When people click on the tab they can see all your blogposts. The cool feature is that they can vote for their most popular post. This blogpost will set some general instructions on how I did it – this blog is a great place to put my notes.

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How to create a Business Page on Facebook This post will briefly detail the steps involved in Creating a Facebook Business Page. It is not uncommon for people who are setting up a business to incorrectly set up their business …

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