Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you : WP Training Galway

Fiona Finn Parent Mentor

Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you : WP Training Galway

Last year, I attended LEO Galway’s WordPress course delivered by Donncha. I had no experience of websites and needed a website specifically for my services and events. Donncha made it sound ‘do-able’ and achievable and with his support, I found the confidence to make a start and keep going. I now feel confident to update and make changes which I had thought too difficult beforehand. I had been quoted a big figure for putting a website together so it saved me money to learn how to do it himself. I would recommend this course to everyone starting a business. For those who delegate the task to someone else – its important to retain control and responsibility  over our websites and fear of the unknown often stops us.

  • Fiona Finn, Parent Mentor

Here is a screengrab of Fiona’s site  (July 2016): it includes a blog, a detailed footer, details of an upcoming event and an outline of services. More work to be done but a good start.

Screengrab of

October 4, 2016


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